PTUE "BelLitProduct" сompany since 2009, is a reliable supplier of road-building, communal, agricultural and construction machinery, engines, components and spare parts. We offer products of the Belarusian and Russian plants like MAZ, Autodiesel YMZ (YaMZ), MTZ (BELARUS), MMZ, KAMAZ, MZKT (Volat) and many other. Our company offers vehicles and spare parts to it, which allows the most quality service to end users. So we are ready to assist in the organization of regional service centers for the products offered to give the certificates from manufacturers.

The main rule - quality, just in time.

We have established partnerships with many major manufacturers of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. This allows us to efficiently and precisely in time to close the orders of our customers, as well as provide competitive prices for the products offered. We cooperate with the largest logistics companies and organize the timely delivery to our customers.

Our staff provide detailed advice on all types of our products. Our customers can be assured that they will receive exactly what they need.

Advanced technologies and invaluable experience.

Using advanced computer technology, many years of experience of our specialists allow rapid pricing of orders received from the customer to track the optimal production costs, avoid errors when processing orders.