The Company  BelLitProduct since 2009 y. is dependable supplier of roadbuilding, communal, agricultural and technical machinery, as well as engines, aggregates and spare parts for it.

At the present moment our product portfolio presents the following manufacturers of vehicles and spare parts for it:

1. MAZ (Minsk Automobile Factory, Republic of Belarus) - cargo machinery, passenger machinery, dragging machinery, technical machinery;

2. MZKT (VOLAT Minsk Factory of Wheel Ruck Tractor, Republic of Belarus) - heavy-load, all-wheel drive technical machinery;

3. MTZ (BELARUS Minsk Tractor Factory, Republic of Belarus) - tractor machinery of all arts, starting with compact tractor, ending with big energy-packed machinery, as well as installable with it equipment;

4. Autodizel (YAMZ – Jaroslav Motor Factory, Russian Federation) - engines, gearboxes for cargo, agricultural and technical machinery, as well as for diesel power station;

5. MMZ (Minsk Motor Plant, the Republic of Belarus) engines with spare parts for trucks, agricultural and special equipment as well as products for diesel power plants.

We offer the technique itself as well as its spare parts providing more qualified service to final consumers. We are also ready to assist in organization of regional service centers on maintenance of the products offered with certificates from manufacturers. All the products offered are covered by manufacturer’s warranty.