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KAMAZ PTC produces a broad spectrum of commercial vehicles: trucks (more than 40 models, in excess of 1500 configurations, right hand drive vehicles), trailers, buses, tractors, engines, power packs and various tools. КАМАZ has historically been positioning itself in the 14-40 ton GVW truck market. In recent years, the product range has broadened as a result of adding new models and vehicle families – fr om city delivery trucks to increased payload trucks to be used as part of road trains with GCW of up to 120 tons.

In the last few years, technical specifications and performance features as well as consumer qualities of the trucks have been upgraded both through use of componentry made by leading producers as by implementing in-house cutting edge solutions. All this has enabled the Company to create the so called «Year 2010 Model Line», which represents the core of the Company’s production schedule aimed at creating a fundamentally new model line of KAMAZ trucks. Since 2013, with the enactment in Russia of the emission standards compliant with Euro-4 international regulations, КАМАZ vehicles have been fitted out with the engines of the above mentioned environment control level.

In 2014, KAMAZ PTC sold 32 584 trucks and CKD kits which included exports in the quantity of more than 6 thousand units.