Our company is the official dealer of "Autodiesel" (Yaroslavl Motor Works).

JSC "Avtodizel" (YMZ), a part of GAZ Group, is the leading Russian manufacturer of diesel engines. It was founded in 1916. It specializes in development and manufacture of diesel engines for different applications with a displacement of 4-26 liters and power of 120-800 h.p., gearboxes, clutches, diesel-generator sets and spare parts.

The following products are manufactured under the brand name "YMZ":

  • YMZ-530 - family (105х128 mm) of 4- and 6-cylinder  medium In-line engines with a displacement of 4,43  and 6,65 liters, a power output from 120 to 320 h.p.,  Euro-4 Emission Class, including 27 modifications,  about 200 engine configurations;
  • YMZ-650 - family (123х156 mm) of 6- cylinder heavy in-line engines with a displacement of 11,12 liters, a power output from 311 to 412 h.p., Euro-4 Emission Class, including 10 modifications, over 155 engine configurations;
  • V-type - family (130х140 mm) of 6-, 8- and 12- cylinder diesel engines with a displacement of 11,15, 14,86 and 22,3 liters, a power output from 150 to 500 h.p., including 60 models and over 250 engine configurations, including those of Euro-4 Emission Class and lower;
  • V-type - family (140х140 mm) of 12-cylinder diesel engines with a displacement of 25,86 liters, a power output from 440 to 800 h.p., 10 models, over 50 engine configurations;
  • two families, 15 models, 60 configurations of 5-, 6-, 8-, 9-speed gearboxes;
  • 2 types (20 configurations) of clutches;
  • models of diesel-generator sets with a power output from 60 to 315 kW;
  • over 4500 original spare parts for all models of YMZ engines and power units.

Yaroslavl engines are used in more than 300 different vehicle models and special purpose units produced in Russia, Belarus. YMZ engines are intended for installation on trucks, chassis, road trains, dump trucks, buses, tractors and harvesters, construction machinery and diesel-generator sets. YMZ engines are widely used for special equipment of Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry for Civil Defense, Emergency Management and Natural Disasters Response of the Russian Federation.

The major consumers of YMZ products are GAZ Group enterprises – "AZ "GAZ", "AZ "Ural", "LiAZ", "PAZ", and also "MAZ", "MZKT", "BelAZ", "KZ "Rostselmash", "Gomselmash", "RZD", "TVEX", "Bryansk Arsenal", "KSMZ" and others.

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A complete list of nomenclature can be found in this section: YMZ (YaMZ) engines, gearboxes, spare parts - list of nomenclature