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"Avtodizel" serially produces mechanical gearboxes for implementation in YMZ diesel engines with power 180 - 420 hp, including YMZ-530 engines up to euro-5, as part of various vehicles (cars, buses, special machinery).

The basic model range is represented by 5-, 8-, 9-speed gearboxes by YMZ, which are designed for input torques from 900 to 1275 Nm (5-speed); 1275 (8-speed); from 1275 to 2100 (9-speed).

YMZ gearboxes meet modern requirements; their basic performance characteristics are as good as those of foreign analogues, in particular: 

  • reliability and operational life (kilometrage up to 1 000 000 km); 
  • ease of gear shifting; 
  • acoustic radiation; 
  • unification of power transmissions and control gears.