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 “GAZ Group” produces a range of modern, high-tech YMZ CNG engines to be installed on promising vehicles complying with environmental class Euro-5.
  • YMZ-530 - family (105х128 mm) of 4- and 6-cylinder  medium In-line engines with a displacement of 4,43  and 6,65 liters, a power output from 120 to 320 h.p.,  Euro-4 Emission Class, including 27 modifications,  about 200 engine configurations;
  • YMZ-650 - family (123х156 mm) of 6- cylinder heavy in-line engines with a displacement of 11,12 liters, a power output from 311 to 412 h.p., Euro-4 Emission Class, including 10 modifications, over 155 engine configurations;
  • V-type - family (130х140 mm) of 6-, 8- and 12- cylinder diesel engines with a displacement of 11,15, 14,86 and 22,3 liters, a power output from 150 to 500 h.p., including 60 models and over 250 engine configurations, including those of Euro-4 Emission Class and lower;
  • V-type - family (140х140 mm) of 12-cylinder diesel engines with a displacement of 25,86 liters, a power output from 440 to 800 h.p., 10 models, over 50 engine configurations.

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